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Surgeons in Operating Room


Preparing you for surgery

Individualised programmes 

2 weeks to 4 months

Specifically designed around your pain/injury

At fitforsurgery, we offer a comprehensive service, fully personalised and administered by my team members who specialise in this type of care.


Our clinics will help you focus on improving your health through the peri-operative period.


We offer individual clinic appointments but can also combine medical clinics, physiotherapy, personal training, dietetics and clinical psychology sessions into an individualised package of care for the 4 weeks to 4 months leading up to your surgery and beyond.

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Welcome to  fitforsurgery services



1. Medical Clinics & Programme Assessments 

A consultation with Dr Claire Dunstan involves analysis and then a discussion of your medical conditions, ensuring you are on the best treatment that will ensure a smooth journey.

We will discuss your 'ability/fitness' to embark on one of our packages of care. We will also discuss the type of anaesthetic you are likely to be offered on the day of surgery alongside a discussion of the risks and benefits of each.

2. Packages of Care 


Adapted to you, they can include:

  • Medical Consultations 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Personal training sessions 

  • Dietetics

  • Clinical Psychology 


 We know that delivering our specialised packages will enable us to ensure you are in a premium condition for surgery. Our multi-disciplinary approach works at its best with a 4-month lead-in before surgery.  However, if time is short and your surgical need is urgent, we can adapt these packages, outcomes however may differ. 

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