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Heather Williams



Personal Training

We have all heard different fitness stories similar to that of Steve Way who captured imaginations back in 2015. At 33 he weighed 16 stone and smoked 20 cigarettes a day. He took up jogging to get into shape, 7 years later he came 10th in the Commonwealth games.

Is this impressive feat applicable to us all?

Yes, of course, but we all need help and the correct advice so that we keep improving, adapt our training and in the right direction.

Over the age of 45, the loss of fitness because of advancing age is unpreventable the effects can be mitigated by regular exercise. Aerobic fitness is strongly linked with long term survival and slows the progression of many chronic diseases. Overall, fitter people do better after major surgery. 

However, you prefer to exercise we can adapt the training to suit both your level of fitness and your likes/dislikes. 

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  • Qualified Personal Trainer - Level 3

  • Pilates Instructor -  Level 3

  • British Triathlon Certified Coach. - Level 2

  • Gym instructor - Level 2 

  • Spin Instructor

  • Advanced Watt Bike Coach

  • Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition - Level 5

Heather has the specialist knowledge to train and coach clients of all ages and abilities. whether you are looking to start training from a level of zero fitness or feel that you're stuck doing the same programme making no real gains, Heather can help you progress to your best level whatever that may be. 

A Pilates qualification and experience are essential in ensuring clients have a great basis for improving core and posterior chain functionality, areas of particular weakness for most people especially as we get older. It is also invaluable in identifying weakness and imbalance in the body and helping to rectify those before improving muscular and cardiovascular strength. It is important to take a multidisciplinary approach with regards to strength, endurance and flexibility, at all ages.


"Since Heather started training me I have seen some fantastic results. Not only have I seen a positive change in my body shape, but I have had an entire year of being injury-free, which is huge for me. I have discovered so much about my body and what its strengths and weaknesses are. Heather then tailored my training to help me to strengthen my weaker areas – for instance, I can now fire the muscles in my glutes and use them which is a first in my 47 years ;-). Also importantly the training plan she created for me is varied and interesting and has been a fantastic stress reliever in these very testing times. I owe an awful lot to Heather for helping me remain in one piece – not just physically but mentally too."

Emma Edworthy 

"I have suffered from an injury affecting the muscles surrounding my hip are for quite a several years without knowing what to do about it. Heather introduced me to a regime of stretching and strengthening exercises; focused on core, pelvic and glute areas through the medium of Pilates. This has been my main reason for my recovery and managing my injury.  Heather's knowledge and expertise in this area are unprecedented and has increased my ability to comfortably achieve a stronger body physiologically and manage my injury appropriately."

Rachel Bridger

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