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Video Consultations

Doctor with Computer

Please be ready for your appointment by having the following information to hand.

1. Your GP record - This can be requested from your GP and contains your medical history. It is a valuable piece of information and probably something you should have to hand at home anyway. If it's not available it is very difficult to have a safe and accurate discussion.

2. Your repeat prescription

3. Any measurements you may have had recently taken i.e.

  • Blood Pressure readings,

  • Blood sugars or HbA1c (a 3 monthly average of your sugars)

  • Peak Flow readings (breathing tests)

  • Pacemaker information.

4. A computer or webcam that has an integral computer.

5. A quiet space that will be free from interruptions.

6. A piece of ID to ensure the communication is happening between the correct people.

7. Any questions you may have - possibly write them down so you don't forget.

8. A telephone to hand for the rare occasion we may become disconnected.

What you can expect from me:

1. A welcome introduction leading to a professional consultation (Connecting and listening)

2. Privacy - no interruptions.

3. A comprehensive follow-on letter for other healthcare professionals pre-surgery.

4. Effective management of our Consultation time.

5. My full attention - there maybe 2 screens running which I may need to refer to from time to time to make electronic medical notes or to check information.

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