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Dr Claire Dunstan


Medical Director

Consultant Anaesthetist

The evidence for 'being your best you'  before surgery is vast with many organisations recommending that:

  • Medical diseases are optimised

  • You undertake regular physical exercise

  • With nutritional and psychological support.

This directly impacts the outcomes of your surgery and can benefit everyone in every age group, studies suggest up to a 50% reduction in postoperative complications, reduced readmission rates and maintained lifestyle changes (See EJA article here).

When we are faced with the decision to have a surgical operation we can feel apprehensive and fearful of the unknown. 

Having a medical discussion about your conditions with advice on how to optimise those conditions for surgery; combined with a knowledge of the anaesthetic techniques available and that we are happy for you to start a fitness programme gives you back confidence and control. 

Our flexible team approach allows you to combine specialities to improve your medical conditions, fitness, diet and mental strength making changes that could stay with you for a lifetime.



  • MB Bch - University of Wales, College of Medicine,  Cardiff 1999

  • Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA) - 2004

  • Regulated by the General Medical Council 

  • Member of the Medical Protection Society

  • Clinical lead for University Hospital Llandough - Pre-assessment

  • Specialist interests - Peri-operative Medicine, Anaesthesia for Orthopaedic, General, Transplant, Urological and Robotic  Surgery.

  • Educational interests - Medical Education of postgraduate Anaesthetists, Advanced Life Support (Resus UK)  Medical Director.



Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Dr Claire Dunstan is a Consultant Anaesthetist with a peri-operative interest since 2009, running weekly NHS pre-operative clinics for the last 12 years for all surgical specialities at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and also in the University Hospital Llandough, which specialises in orthopaedic and day surgical procedures. 

My expertise lies in the optimisation of patients for all types of surgery. Clinic discussions always include optimisation of your medical conditions, the benefits of stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and increasing exercise within the boundaries of your weekly schedule to ensure that your Anaesthesia and surgery is as safe and successful as possible. Risk stratification can help patients decide on areas for improvement before surgery, discussion of the type of anaesthesia and also allay fears of anaesthesia. 


Anaesthetists provide anaesthesia to enable patients to have operations and procedures. The most important role of an Anaesthetist is to individually tailor every Anaesthetic to each and every patient.

To enable us to practice safely we take into account patients'

  • Physiology

  • Pathophysiology (Medical Problems)

  • Pharmacology (Medications)

  • And individualise the anaesthetic plan for each patient and operation. 

Please note: this is NOT an anaesthetic pre-assessment - this will be performed close to your surgical date. To be clear, we are assessing you to ensure you are able to begin a prehabilitation programme of care. 

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