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Meet the fitforsurgery team


Dr Claire Dunstan


Consultant Anaesthetist

Medical Director fitforsurgery

  • Peri-operative specialist experience

  • 12 years of experience optimising patients for their surgery

  • Expertise and knowledge to discuss all anaesthetic options

  • Ability to bring our multi-disciplinary team together to work in your best interests

  • We will discuss and provide the best programme for your needs

  • Combines with Dr Charlotte Curran to reduce your Anaesthetic anxiety

  • Registered Manager 


  Rachel Disley



  • Rachel provides a high standard of care for all clients

  • Uses a range of physiotherapy techniques

  • Improves your function and mobility prior to surgery.

  • Tailoring programmes that suit your favourite activities.

  • With over 15 years of physiotherapy experience at the top level, she can quickly identify the problem and formulate the most appropriate route to  optimisation for you.


Heather Williams


Personal Trainer

  • Heather has the specialist knowledge to train and coach clients of all ages and abilities

  • Whether you are looking to start training from a level of zero fitness or feel that you're stuck doing the same programme making no real gains,

  • Heather can help you progress to your best level whatever that may be. 

  • Brings variety to your schedule keeping you focused and energised

  • Provides the highest level of care and attention throughout all of her services. 

Charlotte Curran.jpg

Dr Charlotte Curran

DClinPsy; MA (Hons); AFBPsS

Clinical Psychologist

  • Dr Charlotte Curran has over 20 years of experience

  • Charlotte provides evidence-based and effective psychological treatment

  • To individuals of all ages who want to improve their mood, reduce levels of distress and who want to make positive changes in their lives. 

  • Psychology supports you to understand and overcome difficulties impacting on your ability to function as you would like and to get enjoyment from your life.

  • Prepares you for changes

  • Improves your resilience

  • Combines with Dr Claire Dunstan to help you reduce your anxiety related to your anaesthetic 

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-09 at 10.11.37 (1

Lucy Marland


BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics

MSc Sport Nutrition

Sports and Exercise Nutrition registration


Registered Dietitian and Sport Nutritionist


  • Lucy has the specialist knowledge and experience to work with clients of all ages, clinical needs and health backgrounds.

  • You will be supported to work towards an individualised approach, empowering you to make life long healthier lifestyle and nutritional choices. 

  • Lucy follows evidence based nutritional advice and the guidance provided by the Dietetic and professional health care council that will help to support you to get the best individual outcomes.

HCPC Registered

BDA member

International Society for Advancement of Kinanthropometry qualified.

About fitforsurgery

Making your Health our First Priority

At fitforsurgery, our mission is simple - to make you feel and stay healthy, ready for surgery.

At Fitforsurgery we aim to support you through this process by individualising your treatment and guiding you through your optimisation by creating a bespoke plan that fits in with your weekly schedule.


We are completely virtual and use advances in medical and fitness technology to ensure that travelling time is non-existent, that sessions can be performed at your convenience and risks of viral transmission are non-existent.


 Whether you need to know which tablets to take, how to optimise your health and wellbeing by better controlling your medical problems, Dr Claire Dunstan has the skills and the team members to take care of your needs. We are all regulated by the appropriate governing bodies and always adhere to professional working policies. 

We use risk stratification tools to inform our discussion and allow you to make a fully informed decision around your surgical journey.

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