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Stuart Boddy 

"Diagnosed with cancer in 2013. I was asked to go into a research programme and be monitored for a period of time. After 2 years I was informed things were getting worse and surgery would be the best option. New technique…The Da Vinci Robot…now in Cardiff…less intrusive but still an unknown. I volunteered to undergo surgery this way.



Prior to surgery was told the fitter I was pre op  would benefit all post-operative negatives. Surgery would be through my stomach so wanted to lose as much body fat as possible to aid the potential success of the surgery.


I was warned of incontinence and also that I could be dysfunctional….neither was an option for me. I had 4 months to work on everything from core, pelvic floor exercises and general strength and fitness. I trained every day for 4 months.


The day before surgery, my body fat was less than 18%, I could now run 10k in 38 mins and my core was the strongest I’ve ever had. I was given a year off work to recover but I was back at my desk in less than 5 months…No incontinence and not dysfunctional and was training within a month of leaving the hospital.


I planned my comeback regime and stuck religiously to it. Discipline and forward planning with regard to my exercise regime were key to the recovery."

Gillian Dunstan

"When I retired from work a few years ago,  I was advised by my daughter (Dr Claire Dunstan) to join a gym and attend some fitness classes to get as fit as possible.  


I am 74 years of age and following an accident last year,  when I sustained a broken hip,  I was pleased to be advised that as a regular gym attendee, my fitness level gave the Surgical and Anaesthetic Team no concerns.  I was given an emergency full hip replacement operation.


  My level of fitness enabled me to make a quick and good recovery and following my experience, I would definitely recommend being “fit for surgery”. During my recuperation period, Rachel worked with me (online due to Covid 19) and gave me a physio exercise plan for both my replacement  hip and for the repair of the damage to my knee. 


Twelve months later I feel my fitness level is back and maybe better than before the accident.  I am hoping to avoid knee surgery and to this end, I am striving to maintain my fitness with regular exercise.  "

Jim Fitzgibbon

Told some six or so months ago, after an X-ray and MRI, that I needed a half or full knee replacement. However, after some excellent treatment and support from Rachel (and hard work!). I have avoided the 'knife' and am back running.


Completed 9 miles today in glorious Penarth sunshine and am on track to run my next half marathon in the summer or autumn, whenever that's possible. Thanks so much for helping me to remain 'intact' and to rebuild my fitness after a very difficult 12 months. 

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