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Welcome to fitforsurgery




Optimisation of medical care and improvement of physical fitness can reduce risks and complications by up to 50%.

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Imagine tomorrow, if you started today.

Our bespoke medical clinic uses advances in medical technology to support you before you embark on your surgical journey.

Book a Clinic appointment and receive a personalised 14-day countdown to surgery


Invest in yourself and your health. We will help you achieve your goals, whilst being convenient, working around your busy lifestyle.

Not fit?

Looking for a place to start?

Paradoxically you can make the largest gains.

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Look through our active optimisation packages that include medical clinics, physiotherapy, personal training, dietetics and clinical psychology, to guide you along your journey. For your reassurance, we are fully registered as an independent healthcare provider with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW - Welsh CQC) a legal requirement of the Care Standards Act 2000. 

We accept payment in instalments - contact us to find out more.

Surgical care redefined in 2022

 Our Services for you

Pre-surgical fitness programmes


Team approach

Lifelong changes

Building a better you

Non-surgical Programmes
 Have you seen a surgeon
AND keen to avoid surgery?

OR told surgery not
for you
at the moment?


Women's Health programmes

Just had a baby?

Struggling with bowel symptoms or going to the toilet?

Specifically tailored
to your stage in life

Struggling with menopausal

Strength training
and HiiT sessions
may help you


Bespoke fitness programmes

Built for your likes/dislikes

A team approach

Have as few
OR as many
as you need

Inspiring you
to make a change


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